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Violent Echoes – Preview (A Dark Psychological Thriller)

A note to readers, this is a 10K word sample of my work Violent Echoes. The full length story can be found here:

Danny Boggs wasn’t always a killer, but late one evening that changed. 

Tormented by voices urging him to kill, and by dreams of a past life he can’t explain, Danny shocks his once safe community with senseless, violent murders. 

Overrun with guilt and with the cops on his tail, Danny seeks absolution for what he’s done. What he doesn’t realize is that absolution comes with a cost, and in order to free himself from torment he has to endure a voyage that takes him straight through his consciousness and beyond, in search of a salvation he may never find. 

This 42K word story is filled with drug use, violence, and other adult situations.

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